My paintings are on the verge of abstraction and realism. 
Figurative realism that was rooted in my past classical training now lends itself towards abstraction. 
These dreamy abstractions resemble the landscapes of my memories across different terrains of the world. 
They breathe their own life as they emerge from the various surfaces and materials I use. 
My work sits somewhere in space between those overlapping worlds. 

My intuition is the vehicle that drives the unique story of each piece as they vary in colors and energy – sometimes bold, sometimes quiet. 
Working with multiple paintings in a series is helpful as each one informs the next which allows the freedom of play. 
The painting informs and guides me, as a conversation takes place.

I apply acrylic paint with a variety of tools (often taken from my kitchen!). I enjoy the process of adding and subtracting by scraping 
or sanding away a built up surface showing a history of what is beneath, then adding back layers of glazing and thicker texture and collage. 
With a pencil, charcoal and other mark making tools I scratch further into the layers to add fine detail. 

The process of each piece is where the magic is. 
The problem solving and following the life course of a piece is it’s own unique journey. 

All art pieces are available for sale, unless listed as sold. For inquiries please contact Jules directly using the form below. Thank you.