Jules Kobelin is an esteemed British artist and designer, boasting a remarkable career spanning over three decades as a freelance commercial artist. Her exceptional artistic abilities have garnered worldwide acclaim, attracting clients ranging from small businesses to prominent corporations like Adobe, NASA, and Ladbrokes.

Graduating with a BA in Public Art from The Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, Jules embarked on an enriching Earthwatch Arts Fellowship in Bulgaria, further honing her craft. Notably, her extraordinary art direction for Martin Gold Salon earned her a nomination in the Avant-Garde category of the esteemed British Hairdresser Awards. Her painted backdrops and set designs for Fuji Film were also featured in The British Photography Journal, solidifying her reputation as a visionary artist.

Following her relocation to San Francisco, Jules embarked on a diverse array of creative ventures. From fine art sales and commissioned murals to graphic design and website development, she fearlessly explored new avenues. Over time, her passion extended to video editing and film production, leading her to attend The Berkeley Digital Film Institute. In the realm of film, she has demonstrated her versatility, assuming roles such as producer, director, editor, art director, and production designer. She has art directed commercials and internal industrial videos  with several Bay Area production teams during the past 15 years. Her exceptional production design work has graced award-winning short films and notable features, including “East Side Sushi,” “Remember Me,” and “Guitar Man.” 

Jules also co-founded ARTiDOCs alongside Marcy Cravat, passionately delving into the creation of documentaries that delve into the lives and journeys of artists. The duo achieved widespread distribution for their feature-length documentary titled “Lucky Girl, A Portrait of Jacqui Naylor.” Additionally, Jules remains actively involved in her community, serving on the City of Albany Arts Committee Board and collaborating on various media productions with the City of Albany and KALB channel 33. Her involvement with several Burning Man art cars and theme camps as a lead designer has also been an integral part of her artistic journey.

Beyond her extensive artistic endeavors, Jules has lent her talents as a home stager and interior designer with GiGi Park, a prestigious staging company in San Francisco. Notably, she has showcased her exceptional design skills through the creation and installation of holiday installations in prominent locations such as China Basin in San Francisco.

During the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jules dedicated herself to painting once again, infusing her art with a fresh and profound perspective. Her unwavering passion for creative problem-solving and captivating visual storytelling shines through in every project she undertakes, regardless of the chosen medium.




Awards, Achievements and Exhibitions

Open Studio – Winter East Bay Open StudiosOCTOBER 2023
Thomas Heisner Gallery, San Francisco CA
Group Show and Fundraiser for WCK.org

Group Show- Steve Zwetsch Creative Reuse Artist
El Cerrito City Hall Gallery

JUNE 2023- APRIL 2024
El Cerrito Wells Fargo Bank Foyer

MAY 2023
Open Studio – Spring East Bay Open Studios

APRIL 2023
Camelback Gallery- 6th Annual International Juried Painting Virtual Exhibition FACES 2023- Top Honor Finalist Silver Award

Open Studio – Winter East Bay Open Studios

35 by 35 Arts Benicia- Group show

APRIL 2022
Group Show – Spirituality & Beyond #2, Oakland

Open Studio – Winter East Bay Open Studios

Open Studio – Premiere

MAY 2020 – JUNE 2023
Home 2 Home- Jacqui Naylor. Various monthly virtual concerts- Background Art Displayed