My design career, spanning over 25 years, has included: graphic design, interior design, and set design. I make it a priority to get to know and build trust with my clients. I will work closely with you through every stage of a project to bring your vision to life.

The graphic design skills I have developed include branding, logo design, printed marketing materials as well as merchandise and website design. I am able to take on a project from initial concept and develop it with the client’s unique vision to the final product. For the past 25 years I have worked with clients from large corporations to small businesses. My clients range from: realtors, musicians, artists, and health and beauty workers. Notable companies such as Ladbrokes, Jacqui Naylor and the City of Albany.

My passion for design in spaces is nourished by the world of interior design. For the past five years I have worked with Katrina Schissel at GiGiPark and have staged hundreds of high end homes in San Francisco. My focus is styling accessories for tablescapes, shelving, and fine art installation. 

Designing for sets, either for photography or film, takes art to another dimension. Like interior design, the space is tangible. Working in a team with different perspectives and skills brings the experience to a higher level. Set design for photography clients include Martin Gold Salon and Fuji Film.  For more set design examples please visit my FILM page.


The Long Game
Dead Divas Society CD & label
Lucky Girl CD & Label
Q & A
Jacqui Naylor merch designs, 2013-20
KALB Channel 33, logo & banner design
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Interior Entry
Interior-living room-entry
Interior-living room red from above
interior livingroom red womb
interior livingroom-fireplaceand shelves
interiors-diningroom shelves/bar
interior-shelf with painting
interior -media
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Lets collaborate and bring your unique vision to life!