I will be at this event with my artwork for sale.


I am thrilled to welcome you into my Berkeley art studio after a creative and productive life-changing year.

Open studios are a great way to see where the magic happens. You can ask me in person about my process and journey as well as witnessing a working studio. I will be selling my paintings in person. So If you are looking for some original art for your walls either at home or for your place of work you just might find that perfect piece.

So what kind of art do I do? Well, I am currently painting lively soulful abstracts that are built by layers of texture and emotive color with some mixed media and thick texture. I’m exploring the creative use of image transfers and using digital and traditional tools for painting and mark making. I have been like a mad scientist in the studio discovering along the way all the techniques, experimenting, and taking some risks. I can’t wait for you to see my latest series.

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Here in my studio working on a new series of 9