Tom Rhodes, feat. The Lady Crooners, – Recording of “With or WIthout”,Live @ Coast


In late November 2013, Tom Rhodes went into the studio with arguably the most talented band in San Francisco. They recorded for four straight days in front of live audiences. What came out of that recording session was “With or Without”, Tom’s latest album (available March 15th). This video was taken on the second day of recording.

You can still pre-order it at

After March 15th you can find it here :

Tom Rhodes – Vocal –
Oscar Westesson – Bass
Andrew Laubacher – Drums –
The Lady Crooners – Harmonies –
Rory Cloud – Guitar –

Recorded by Charlie Wilson –
Assisted by Sean Beresford –

Video Crew – Jules Kobelin, Jacob Doyle, Samuel Hayden Crossley, Stuart Philkill, Leah Marie, Sam McDonald, Lily Zaldivar, Lobsang Lhasaian Trinley

Edited by: Tom Rhodes