Category: Backdrops

China Basin Holiday Install 2015

Click here to see the video of the journey through all 6 lobbies.

BlackLight backdrops

Using glow in the dark fluorescent paints I created backdrops to enhance Pongo Lounge, a burning man camp that puts on dance parties and glow in the dark ping pong! The panels reside in the a neighborhood garage party space during the rest of the year so we can enjoy them all year round! This …

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Fuji Film Advertisement – Art Director

Fuji Film hired me to paint the backdrop and model for this ad to promote the new transparency film Provia 100 These ads were featured in The British Photography Journal.

British Hairdresser’s Award- Art Director- (series 2)

Here is series 2 for our entry into the finals for the British Hairdresser’s Awards. Our two themes almost won! You can see series 1 here and learn more about the project. Series 2 – Sealife Sea Anemone The body painting and plastered backdrop were painted with Acrylics. The Coral was created out of sculpted …

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British Hairdresser’s Awards – Art Director (series 1)

I worked with Hairdresser Sam Nathan from Martin Gold Salon and Photographer Will White to create this series of photographs for the 1994 British Hairdresser’s Awards. We had to submit 4 photographs that all have a theme. This series shows the “History of the curl” and is inspired by 4 centuries of fine art. Each …

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