East Side Sushi DVD release

On April 5th 2016 East Side Sushi will be coming out on DVD and streaming on iTunes.
We got distribution with Sony and Samuel Goldwyn.
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Staging Houses in San Francisco – GiGiPark

In October 2015 I started working with Katrina Schissel from GiGiPark.com. She is a production designer genius and high end stager. She has taught me so much about interior design which is a huge part of production design. During the months of October to November we staged over 10 homes in the San Francisco area. So much more to learn and so much fun to be had. Here is her website. www.gigipark.com

Here is an example of a house we staged for sale.

Stay tuned for more staging news!

Photoshop Sketch for the iPad Pro Video

I got to dress up Bob Ross!!! Art direction on this shoot for Adobe was an honor especially as it was honoring the wonderful Bob Ross.

My Funny Valentine by Jacqui Naylor and Art Khu

Jacqui Naylor asked me to cut a new My Funny Valentine video for her using our Lucky Girl footage. Here it is…

China Basin Holiday Install 2015

IMG_6179 copy

Click here to see the video of the journey through all 6 lobbies.

Jeff Camp CD Cover and Label

Here is a CD cover and label I designed for Jeff Camp.


East Side Sushi hits the theaters!



KALB banner design

Here is a printed banner design for City of Albany KALB. I revised their logo and designed this banner for all of their events.

East Side Sushi trailer on iTunes!

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Necessary Evil- web series pilot

I was hired by director Alrik Bursell to art direct his pilot for his upcoming web series Necessary Evil. Lots of fun smoke and blood effects. Hand made some signage and badges to help create the look of a detective scene.