British Hairdresser’s Award- Art Director- (series 2)

Here is series 2 for our entry into the finals for the British Hairdresser’s Awards. Our two themes almost won! You can see series 1 here and learn more about the project.

Series 2 – Sealife


Sea Anemone

The body painting and plastered backdrop were painted with Acrylics. The Coral was created out of sculpted and painted styrofoam. The hair piece was made out of pipe cleaners, wire, colorful hair pieces and Molton Browners.


Sea Horse

This look was created with long hair pieces that were styled and applied to sculpted hessian. The plastered backdrop, muslin and body were painted with Acrylics.



This magnificant octopus was created with plumber’s pipe chadding, synthetic hair, hessian and wire. The coral was painted and sculpted styrofoam. The textured plaster backdrop and body were painted with Acrylics.



The whale’s tail was created by wrapping hair around a hessian shape that was made with wire hangers. The body, draped muslin and textured backdrop were all painted with Acrylics.