Cate- iPhone App Promotional Video

It was a great honor to be asked to make this video  for Henning Von Vogelsang in Switzerland. His company River has developed an iPhone app that makes email and texting a breeze. I brought on Joshua Robles to capture some footage in and around Bay area. We met on the Pedestrian Bridge shoot. I knew that he would be awesome when I saw the magic he captured with his camera. Within one week we had our first timeline. Everything on this project worked remarkably well. We were in the right place at the right time and some magic emerged. Many of my dear friends and my girls featured in these shots which makes it even more special. So grateful for everyone’s support during this process. The clients were very happy with their video.

Here is the video up on Indigogo

Here is the second video that has more explanation of the app.

Many Thanks to:

Joshua Ian Robles- Camera
Sound Studio and Engineer – Jeremy Allen

Voice over/ and talent- James Lewis Karp.
Camille Kobelin
Deena Lawrence
Jackson Konster
Bailey Kobelin
Sophia Cich
Keith Cich
Laurie Roberts
Gabi Mendoza
and various strangers in San Francisco! 🙂