Caroline Seckinger – Deconstruction for Venus

May 1, 2009, Slate Art and Design in Oakland, California displayed my installation video for conceptual artist Caroline Seckinger in her show “Carloine Seckinger Works”.

The intention of this video that I produced, directed and edited was to be projected onto a installation piece in her collection. (the petticoat on the inside of a hanging wedding dress)

We filmed at the Black Gardens in Berkeley.Marcy Cravat and Jon Bolf were my talented camera operators. The music is from “Weathermade” by Annette works.

I am currently creating a short documentary on Caroline focusing on her collection titled ” The dress as an institution.” I have been working with Marcy Cravat who has been behind the camera. I have now gathered all the footage that I need and am almost finished editing it. Stay tuned to see the doc on this website! I have thoroughly enjoyed collaborating and working with Caroline and Marcy, we have so much in common as we are all mothers, artists and film makers.