Burning Man 2013


This year I finally made it to the Black Rock City in Nevada. The phenomenon called Burning Man. It was more magical than I ever could imagine. WOW the art was mind blowing! The work involved to get there took almost a year of preparation. Being a BM virgin was no excuse to sit around! My dear friend Ulan whose first BM experience hit him so hard last year, came to me with a crazy idea of building an art sound car. Well why not! So after he purchased a 20 foot truck we put our heads together to design the beast! Sheri and Ulan took themselves off to learn welding and with a team of around 30 eager friends and strangers we built an outstanding sound and dance truck. What a great year of hard work it has been. So many different emotions – most of all I loved the team work and the family created. Here is the link to the UNAVERZ website for more info. www.unaverz.com  The work that I personally did was help design the drawings and concept. I then paionted the top floor, 2 top floor benches, wall to Rah’s head and the staircase. I also designed magnets for BM gifts. Flier cards for our camp parties and Unaverz info. I also helped set up the 40 person Pongo Lounge camp. In addition I was so grateful to have my first plasma torching experience. Cut out some images in the large camp fire can. The only question now all the dust has been done and dusted….what are we going to do for next year? 🙂 

Drawing Of Truck

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