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Uggu- Time To Go Home- Ramesh Devu

This short UGGU was directed by Ramesh Devu. I was the art director on part of this film and created this painting for the office scene.

Chalkboards for San Francisco Soup Company Restaurant

It was so exciting to get to draw these boards for the San Francisco Soup Company. I had been working as their graphic designer for some time and really enjoyed getting off my computer for this project. The boards were well received by all.

Chillies – Painting

This was a small painting I created for my mother back in 1997. I had just had knee surgery and was frustrated that I could not walk around. So I painted this study for her. She was the chillie queen! It hung in her kitchen for years! Now I have placed it in mine! It …

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Art Direction for “Tivo Life”- dir. Erica Nelson

This is a hand painted sign for the short film shot in Berkeley CA.

Life Drawing

Here are some of my favorite drawings from a class I took in 2005. I love to draw, especially the human body. I have always tried to go back to drawing the figure to keep my skills alive. One can never really stop learning.

Rustica Restaurant Painting

In 2001 I was commissioned to paint this canvas for Rustica Restaurant in Berkeley CA. I took their logo and abstracted it.

Habitot Children’s Museum- Space Mural

Habitot is based in Berkeley CA. They commissioned me in 2001 to paint this space mural for their space exhibit. I really enjoyed painting this on such a large canvas. I was pregnant with my second during this time so it was quite the challenge! My intention was to not make any black space actually …

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Habitot Cafe Chalkboards

Michelangelo Chest- Hand Painted

Using gold leaf and acrylics along with some colored conte pencils I transformed this discarded chest into a celebration of Michelangelo. Every area, including the drawers inside are painted or drawn on. There are hidden drawings inside the outer sides of the drawers. I lined the drawers with material. I also decoupaged a mirror to …

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Petals of California Mural

Painted on board with plaster and acrylic. 1998