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Pedestrian Bridge – Short – Behind the scenes video – Day 3

Here is a fun video of us trying to get some crew shots…it was after a long day!!!

Green Thumb – weekend shoot

This last weekend I had the great pleasure to work with some very talented cast and crew. The short film Green Thumb was filmed in just one weekend. I was the art director, make up and wardrobe person. Phil Lorin (Pixar) and Kiel Murray ( Pixar) wrote the fabulous script. Actors were such a pleasure …

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Never Mind The Bollocks

Made this image to market and promote the upcoming short I will be art directing  

Pedestrian Bridge – Production Designer for short film

So excited to be hired as the Production Designer on the upcoming short Pedestrian Bridge. Working on pre-production and filming this coming July. We have a great team lined up. Stay tuned for updates! Check out the story boards and other info at the pedestrian bridge page on Jacob Haslem’s site.

“Dyke Central” (pilot episode) – Production Designer

Here is a pilot episode of Dyke Central. I was fortunate to be the production designer. We shot in various Oakland locations. Here is one of the rooms that I put together for the shoot. I really like this picture. Dyke Central is raising funds so we can do more filming! Click here to donate …

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Cuvee – Art Director

Cuvee was written and directed by Joe Fontana and produced by Shareef Salaam. The location was a winery in Napa. It was a challenging shoot in many ways as the story takes place in Syria. My role was to be in charge of wardrobe, make up, set and props. I had to create number plates …

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Goodnight Baby- by Frances Chang

Uggu- Time To Go Home- Ramesh Devu

This short UGGU was directed by Ramesh Devu. I was the art director on part of this film and created this painting for the office scene.

Quand tu Veux- Peter Burns

Caroline Seckinger -The Dress as an Institution

Part 1 Part 2