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East Side Sushi- Art Director for feature film

In 2012 Anthony Lucero asked me to join his team as Art director for his charming feature East Side Sushi. What an honor to work on such a great production with fantastic team. It was my first feature that I art directed so it was an eye opener for me. It is currently in post …

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Cuvee – Art Director

Cuvee was written and directed by Joe Fontana and produced by Shareef Salaam. The location was a winery in Napa. It was a challenging shoot in many ways as the story takes place in Syria. My role was to be in charge of wardrobe, make up, set and props. I had to create number plates …

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NASA- Smart Skies Commercial- Art director Here is a fun shoot I worked on in 2011 with Don Starnes. I was the art director and had to create all the science fair displays in the background. So much fun! It was handy as I used and added my kid’s past science projects to the mix.    

Goodnight Baby- by Frances Chang

Uggu- Time To Go Home- Ramesh Devu

This short UGGU was directed by Ramesh Devu. I was the art director on part of this film and created this painting for the office scene.

Quand tu Veux- Peter Burns

The Vagina Song- Maya Prickett

The Vagina Song from Jody Yvette on Vimeo. Art Director was my role in this charming music video.The song and performance is by Maya Prickett. This “What You Gonna Do About It” production was directed by John Madden. The video was the winner at the BECAFEST 2009 “Best Music Award”, was Nominated “Best Video Art”, …

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Art Direction for “Tivo Life”- dir. Erica Nelson

This is a hand painted sign for the short film shot in Berkeley CA.

Prop for “Celluloid to Diamonds” short film

Fuji Film Advertisement – Art Director

Fuji Film hired me to paint the backdrop and model for this ad to promote the new transparency film Provia 100 These ads were featured in The British Photography Journal.