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Visual style of 5 present day legends

There are few things more important to film directors than visual style. While story and performance are always given the utmost attention, the look and feel of a film can be just as influential. Visual style gives directors a unique voice that can make their work recognizable without a word being uttered. And with recognition comes reputation: legendary filmmakers such as Francois Truffaut, Orson Welles, and Alfred Hitchcock had such distinct styles that their names became synonymous with their singular aesthetics.

Today, this is more important than ever. Modern directors have to find new ways to tell stories that will set them apart from the pack, and a select few do it in a way that speaks to their unique sensibilities while resonating with a wide audience. In the video, shutterstock pays homage to the visual style of five present-day legends using only footage and music found in the Shutterstock library. I found this so interesting and well done.

Trailer Clips for CFI Lecture on Production Design/ Art Direction

East Side Sushi: Feature

Remember me: Feature

Adobe Campaign example:

Adobe – Campaign

Dyke Central Pilot: Web Series

Nasa Smart SKies: Commercial
Cate: Commercial

Jeff Campbell Live DVD: Music Feature length

DAD- trailer

Here is the trailer for a short film I art directed with Mitchell Street Pictures.

Staging 3 bedroom in SF

Here is a house I helped stage with GiGiPark on Joost in San Francisco.
Click HERE and go to gallery to see a tour of the house.

Remember Me – the Movie- Audience Award!!!!

YES!!! Remember Me won Audience award at Cinequest Film Festival!!!!

Rita Moreno at Cinequest Film Festival

What a glorious night to witness Rita Moreno receive the Maverick Spirit Award at the Cinequest Film Festival. Our film REMEMBER ME followed the ceremony and it was brilliant! So proud of all of our cast and crew. Laughed so hard that I will have to watch it again and again to hear it all!
Here is an interview on the red carpet…

Cast of Remember me on stage at Cinequest

Remember Me – the movie – trailer

The Indiewire article here.

Necessary Evil renamed The Grey Area

The Grey Area Pitch Video from See Level on Vimeo.

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3 Day Shoot for Kaiser Foundation HIV and Trans Gender Women of Color






IMG_3027This 3 day shoot at the Producers Loft in San Francisco was for the campaign to raise awareness for trans gender women of color that have HIV. I Assisted Katrina Schissel from GiGiPark to set up the living room. All furniture and smalls were supplied by GiGI Park to create a safe, comfortable environment for multiple interview set ups during the 3 days. Long Story Short Media from Washington DC produced this campaign along with Kaiser Foundation. Activists from all over the country were invited to come together to talk about these issues. It was an honor to work with such an amazing crew and talent. Their stories were so touching and thought provoking and their strength humbling. Keep your eyes and hearts open when this campaign will be seen on billboards, on TV and online.

Blossom Brown
Bre Anne Campbell
Phobe VanCleefe
Vivianna DiBello
Victory “VI”Le