Burning Man Mutant Car for Unaverz 2014

We are at it again. Here are some designs we just submitted to the DMV hotties for Burning Man 2014

I worked on a sketch up design that was created by Jeff Detherow. Just jazzed it up with lights and material design.

To see the project and its progression check out the website. http://unaverz.com

unaverz-2014 unarverz-2014-2

East SIde Sushi wins CAAM Festival Audience Award



We win another audience award!!!! Thank you CAAM Festival!

Indiegogo Campaign Video- NuNu’s Daycare

Anushka Bliss asked me to help her with a video for her Daycare campaign to raise money to help her move from her rental to her house that is almost ready for daycare set up. I filmed and edited this sweet video for her. Check it out and if you want to donate you can do on the Iniegogo site. 



Great Article about East SIde Sushi Film

Here is a great article by Cinesource Magazine featuring  writer and director Anthony Lucero.

Past Banners for ABGSL

Both my daughters since First Grade have been involved with the ALbany Berkeley Girls Softball League. Each year their teams ask me to do their banners. Usually,  I only get 3 days to design and paint them.

IMG_2803 copy IMG_2651 copy IMG_4480 copy IMG_2805 copy IMG_3437 copy lepricorns IMG_0828 copy IMG_4483 copy IMG_2818 copy IMG_0831 copy 20140319-152847.jpg 20140319-152839.jpg 20140319-152827.jpg banner-gryph

The Tidal Waves Banner

Here is our 2014 ABGSL banner for my daughters softball team.




East Side Sushi wins Audience Award at Cinequest Film Festival

We had multiple sell outs, an encore presentation in the 1100 seat California theater, and two standing ovations.

“East Side Sushi won the audience award and received a 9.7 out of 10.0 average score from a sizable number of surveys at Cinequest Film Festival 2014. The film’s average score was a 10 and the lowest score it received was a 7. Remarkable results.”

Halfdan Hussey – Cinequest Director



Radio Interview with East SIde Sushi



Scroll 3 minutes in to hear Vicki Wong, Anthony Lucero and Diana Elizabeth Torres speaking about ESS at Cinequest.

Unaverz 2014. New designs for Burning Man

We are planning on transforming our truck from last years BM festival to a new design. Check out our website to find out more. Www.unaverz.com.





East Side Sushi at Cinequest, -Premiere

Questions and Answers at Cinequest film festival , March 8 2014 after the premiere screening of our feature film East Side Sushi. Writer and Director Anthony Lucero talks with his audience along with the lead actress Diana Torres and Producer Julie Rubio. The line to get into the theater was round the block. The film received a standing ovation. Really thrilled to have worked with this cast and crew. I was also happy with the edit and how it looked as a whole piece. Full of heart, humor and courage. Loved working on it and loved watching it.




To see the East Side Sushi Trailer. Click Here

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